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President´s Letter



111 Boulevard of the Allies 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 
September 1, 2018 
President's Letter

Dear Ladies,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Judy Weismann for the tireless hours she worked over the last two years as President of the Association of Ladies of Charity.  Judy will remain on the board for the next year as an advisor to me as I embark upon my term as President of the Association of Ladies of Charity.  I look forward to working with each of you and the general membership to continue the outstanding work being done at the parish level as well as within the Diocese. 

Rosary Intentions 2018-2019.  I would like to thank Pat Kanavich for her hard work and dedication over the last two years as Pat served as the Spiritual Committee Chair.  I would like to welcome Mary Weber to the executive board as the new Spiritual Committee Chair. 

Nursing Home Network – I would like to thank Claudia Hemphill for the outstanding work accomplished over the last two years as the Nursing Home Network Chair.  I would like to welcome Janet Stahlman to the executive board as the new Nursing Home Network Chair.  Should a parishioner become a resident of a nursing home or other care facility that is outside your parish boundaries, please contact the office.  Janet will work to ensure the patient is visited either by an LOC group within the boundaries of the facility or by parishioners from a nearby parish should an LOC group not be established in that parish. 

“Remember the Past, Embrace the Future” – The 2018 National Assembly will be held in Pittsburgh from September 20-23, 2018.  While registration is closed, the following are some important notes regarding the Assembly: 

  • Please deliver all cookies in disposable/non-returnable containers
  • Pittsburgh Parishes are encouraged to bring display boards showcasing all their good works and talents
  • Hours for Assembly:

    • Friday Rosary 7:00am; Breakfast Available at 7:15am; Opening Mass at 8:30am; Box Lunch will be provided. The last session of the day will end about 5:00pm.  Dinner on your own; Late Nite Catechism to begin at 8:00pm at the Sheraton Station Square 
    • Saturday Rosary 7:00am; breakfast available at 7:15am; Lunch on your own; Closing Mass at 4:30pm with the Banquet to follow at 6:30pm 

LCUSA/Madagascar Twinning Project – In 2003, the Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) began a national ongoing twinning project with the International Association of Charities of St. Vincent de Paul (AIC) in Madagascar, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa. We will collect monetary donations to be presented as part of the LCUSA donation to the AIC Madagascar project.  All monetary donations can be sent to the office or brought to the National Assembly. 

Gifts to Priests – Attached to this letter are guidelines regarding presenting gifts to priests.  The general guideline is that while gifts are permitted, the funds used to purchase the gift should not come from the treasury as, in many cases, the treasury is part of the overall parish treasury and can be misconstrued as taking funds from the parish for the priest’s benefit.   

If you have questions/suggestions, please call and leave a message with the LOC office at 412 456-6924.  Thank you for all that you do!

In the Vincentian Spirit,

Bernadette Jaketic, President 
Association of the Ladies of Charity of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

President's Letter

Bernadette Jakectic, President 
Association of the Ladies of Charity of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Ladies of Charity USA  (LCUSA)
Local Association
Pittsburgh, PA

A lay organization within the
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh