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Monthly Rosary Intentions

September 2018
We pray that all LOC who attend the National Assembly go home safely    and enriched spiritually.  May all teachers and catechists infuse their students with a love of God and learning. 

October 2018
We pray for all Catholics in our Diocese as the On Mission for the Church    Alive! changes are implemented. May we all respect our new  administrators, priests, and parishioners and remember that we are ALL    children of God and should do HIS will. 

November 2018
We pray for the deceased members of our families, military, LOC, and the unclaimed souls who were adopted. 

December 2018
We pray that our Advent season will prepare us to celebrate the wonderful gift of Jesus sent from the Father. 

January 2019
We pray for a healthy and peaceful 2019 and for our country to respect the right to all life: unborn, born, poor, addicted, and sick. 

February 2019
We pray that the love God has for us will manifest in the love we show for family, neighbor, and the stranger. 

March 2019
We pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life.  We pray for all religious who serve the Diocese of Pittsburgh. 

April 2019
We celebrate the Risen Lord at Easter.  We pray for our newly invested LOC and all LOC members as we strive to “serve rather than to be served.” 

May 2019
We pray for all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other women who help influence and teach our children moral values and the Faith.  

June 2019
We pray for all married couples that they grown in love and patience as life challenges occur. 

July 2019
We pray for blessings for our country and in gratitude for our gift of freedom.  May that freedom be spread throughout the world. 

August 2019
We pray for those who face the hardships of life without the benefit of faith.  May Christ furnish them with good people to bring them friendship, help, and faith. 

Prayer to the Vincentian Family 

Lord Jesus, you who willed to become poor, five us eyes and a heart directed toward the poor.  Help us to recognize you in them – in their thirst, their hunger, their loneliness, their misfortune.  Enkindle within our Vincentian Family unity, simplicity, humility, and the fire of love that burned in St. Vincent de Paul. 

Strengthen us so that, faithful to the practice of these virtues, we may contemplate you and serve you in the person of the poor and may, one day, we be united with you and them in your kingdom.   Amen 



The Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) is a federation of Catholic women that continues, expands and improves the charitable and spiritual works accomplished by the local associations of the Ladies of Charity in the United States.

Ladies of Charity USA  (LCUSA)
Local Association
Pittsburgh, PA

A lay organization within the
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh